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What is Green Couch:

Green Couch is a design, print and web design company based in Mission, BC, Canada. We are proud to call Canada home, and work with clients all over North America and the world. We focus on providing our clients with excellent customer service, fabulous design and web work, and a policy for “no-attitude” in everything we do. We have high expectations of ourselves and of our clients, and our goal is to create happy, mutually respectful long-term working relationships with the people we work for and with.

We offer full design and illustration, and web services in-house, and we work with valued, reliable, and trusted suppliers for mad writing skills, printing, and any other services our clients might need to complete their projects.


Who you’ll find behind the Green Couch:

Cynthia Frenette, Designer, Illustrator

I’ve worked in the design industry since 1991, learning the ropes and making my way through agency and studio ranks. Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of working for high end brands, restaurants, publishers, fashionistas, and everything in between. I have a hands-on old school design education crossed with new school digital skills, the best of both worlds!
I’m multi-passionate in what I do and have a huge love for art supplies, good shoes, poking about in thrift stores, fashion, and fabric.


Norm Frenette, Web Guy

I come from a trades background, and I’m self-taught in website and WordPress design and development. I love good code, and good beer.

Together we make up the principle team of Green Couch.

In 2006, I (that’s moi ~Cynthia) started the company, fulfilling a dream to be out on my own and creating design projects for awesome people, doing things my way with creativity, respect, and kindness. Norm joined in a couple years later and we’ve never looked back!

Getting personal for a sec…

Norm and I got married in 1997, and little did we know we’d be eventually working together full-time. People ask us how we do it, and we just do. We love what we do so it makes it easy!

We moved out to the deep ‘burbs from Vancouver in 2008, where we work from our home studio, that we share with our two favorite doggy companions, Starr and Charlie.

On weekends you can find us out walking the dogs, hunting down thrifty treasures, sewing (me!) or gardening (Norm).
Life is good, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!