Design + Art + Letters = Love

Tired of all the samey-same stuff and want something that's totally one of a kind and as unique as you are? Yep, we hear ya.

It’s our mission to create hand-crafted design that is unique and made from scratch, especially for you.
We love what we do and get super excited to work with fabulous peeps who are looking for something fresh, different, and full of heart.

We want to know your story and help you bring it to life!

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Who we are

Nice to meet you! We’re Cynthia and Norm, husband + wife team based in beautiful BC, Canada.
We get asked all the time- do you really have a green couch? And we can honestly say, “Yes we do!” It was a thrift store find for $30, a fabulous retro couch in great condition. We knew we had to have it. And the rest is history!

No, we don’t design couches, cheeky, but we do have a faboo retro green one in our office, ready for loungin’ wth a tea, or cocktail, wink! (though really, our dogs use it as their own personal lounge area, shhhh…)

We’re industry lifers, with a combined 35+ years in the biz. We’re still here after so many years because we truly care and love to help our clients craft their unique visions, and bring them to life with loads of love and attention. We pride ourselves on being prompt, helpful, courteous– no designer attitude here- and mutually respectful. Dang, we’re just obsessed with being nice and really appreciate working with nice people!

Cynthia Frenette, Designer, Artist, Letter-er + Creative Director

Cynthia has been designing since 1991 and worked her way through the ranks at local agencies and studios, learning the art and craft of design. She loves to bring her old school skills to the party and mix hand and digital styles to give you a truly one of a kind project we know you’ll love.

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Norm Frenette, Camera-shy admin

Norm’s been our resident WordPress-obsessed web guy for 15 years. He loves good clean code, F1, and a good BC beer. He’s since hung up his web hat, but he’s also our admin guy, so you’ll hear from him on occasion, and is here to support our design team.

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We took the leap of faith from working for others 15 years ago and haven’t looked back. We love the flexibility working from our home office gives us, and are extra grateful for our clients who trust us every day to help bring their projects to life. (Thanks universe, wink!)

Working together, we bring you a one stop shop you can rely on the get your projects done. We’re often told how easy it is to work with us, and that is our main goal: keep the process simple, communication clear and constant, and keep you in the loop every step of the way.

We hate missing deadlines and are sticklers for getting things right the first time. We know the in’s and outs of the design process and can trouble-shoot potential issues or file problems, and most importantly know how to best avoid them to keep things running smoothly. If you want files that actually work, set up accurately to industry-standards (no 5-er cheapy templated art, no clip art (shudder), no crowdsourced, or last second thrown together art) then you’ve come to the right place.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to work with us, no matter where in the world you are! Whether you’re working from the beach in Bora Bora or trekking the streets of Paris in search of new stock for your online shop, we’ve got you covered.
We’ll never disappear on you, and hope to make you smile with every project we work on with you.

Logo and branding design

Modern, creative and hand-crafted in-house, one design at a time.
(No cookie cutters or crowd-sourcing, yuck. No thanks!)

Graphic design

For print, web, and beyond! You need it? We can help!

Custom lettering

Handlettering adds a unique touch your project. From logos, tees, to posters, mugs, invitations, and anything else you can dream up!


We’re licensed to create, really! Colourful custom illustration to bring your ideas to life, for web, blogs, print, licensing, and more!


We work with some wonderful web developers and can confidently refer you, you’ll be in great hands!

Once we’ve assessed your project requirements, and what we anticipate you’ll need, we’ll prepare a plan and estimate/quote customized for you.

Every project is different and has different end requirements so we prefer to quote on every project individually instead of a flat rate across the board.
That way you get what you need and what best serves you, and none of the fluffy filler that you don’t.

Let us be your design team!

Drop us an email and let us know how we can help you, we’d love to hear from you!